Entitlement checks currently on UE 4.14 completely breaks a GearVR application. This is because the libovrplatformloader.so library is not correcly packaged along with the APK in the Unreal build tool. A small modification to the build tool was required in the Android deploy section (UEDeployAndroid.cs) to copy the library during the build of the APK file to include it.

The code below was added to the CopySTL function:

string OculusPlatformSource = @”[Path to OVRPlatformSDK]\Oculus\OVRPlatformSDK_v1.10.0\Android\libs\armeabi-v7a\libovrplatformloader.so”;

string OculusPlaformDestination = UE4BuildPath + “/libs/” + NDKArch + “/libovrplatformloader.so”;
File.Copy(OculusPlatformSource, OculusPlaformDestination, true);